Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First model in years, and some old Skinks!

I finally started painting models again several months ago, so I thought I'd share some in progress pics of the first one in a loooooong time!

I decided to slowly acquire pieces for a 40k Ork squad, and my first new purchase was a box of Grots that I had been eyeing at Phoenix Fire, because I love goblins and Grots are just gobbos in space.

Here is my slightly kit bashed Runtherder:

I need to fix my real camera. I guess the cell phone isn't that bad though.

His body, legs, and pole arm are all bits I found in my bit box, from some old Warhammer Orc set.


The rest are the extra bits from my Runtherder sprue. Since this was my first model in years, I felt better starting with my random parts guy first. I guess I wouldn't feel as bad screwing it up. I still need to finish him up, but I've been hopping around from model to model. I'm pretty pleased with it though, it's a marked improvement from ten year old me's skills.

I'll be posting pictures of the whole grot crew as I make more progress, but for now here are some of my old skinks I found in a box!

These are probably the best painted minis I've found from my younger years.

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