Thursday, March 20, 2014

Skaven Blood Bowl Team Conversion Part 2

Alright! Since last time, the boys have been based, given arms, and primed! Normally I go for a black primer, but since this is a sports team I really want the colors to pop.

These guys need to take a green stuff bath before they can be primed with their mates:

Hey... why are we in here?

AUUUGH! *Glub* 

Here's some shots of the team:

Linemen in the front, Gutter Runner and the Blitzers in the back.
Close up of the Blitzers. They have empire cannon dude arms.
I'm pretty stoked on this guy! He's ready to get to the pitch!

I was going to go for a dark red and yellow color scheme, but I tried it on one of the linemen and he looked like a McDonalds ad... He's joining his friends in the green stuff bath.

Another lineman is getting upgraded to test rat! What an immense honor.

I reorganized my painting table today and am super excited to get painting these guys!

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